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  1. On the search page you will find various search criteria.
    Search in complete judgement
    • (a) This option enables search by text in the entire judgement.
      You can type in the text and click on search. To search a phrase or more than one word in a particular order use inverted commas.
      Eg. "mens rea"
    • (b) And/or option
      To use 'and' option use "&" between two words
      Eg. Child & murder
      Child & murder & bullet
      'Or' option is already set by default and only words to be searched have to be typed.
  2. Search by Citation/cross citation: A case can be searched using our citation as also citation of other journals. We are giving cross-citations of journals like AIR and SCC.
  3. Search by Party name:
    Case can be searched by name of either of the party or both the parties.
  4. Search by headnote/held:
    This search enables a refined search as the text is searched in headnote and held. Headnote is summary of the case and held consist of important paras of the case.
  5. Search by Judge name:
    This search criterion can be used to get cases of a particular judge.
  6. Search by appeal number:
    'Select case type' helps searching a case by its appeal number. Specify the nature of appeal, case number and year to get result.
  7. Date wise search:
    A period can be specified and other criteria can be used to search cases in the specified period.
  8. Statute wise search:
    Cases on a particular section of a particular Act/code can also be searched.
  9. Search within:
    This option helps to search within results of previous search.
  10. All the above criteria can be used simultaneously. Hence a single page contains features of both combined search and normal search so that minimum time is wasted in getting the desired results.


  1. Results can be shown as per relevance, date or subject.
  2. Date wise Results can be arranged in descending and ascending order
  3. Number of results shown on a page can also be increased or decreased.
  4. Once results are shown for better result open them in new window.