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SC directs MLAs to clean Delhi Garbage  | SC curbs BCCI's financial powers | Bail granted to RJD MP shahabuddin cancelled by SC  | Conviction of Former Director General of Police, SPS Rathore for molesting minor girl Ruchika, upheld by SC   |

Karnataka to give 6000 cusecs of water to TN till 27th Sept. : SC 

| Supreme Court reduces quantum of Cauvery water to be released by Karnataka  | Sc lifts ban on CBI investigation in Bulandhshahr gangrape case  | SC refuses to stay HC's verdict declaring LG as the administrative head of National Capital territory  | SC scraps acquisition of nearly 1,000 acres of land in West Bengal’s Singur for Tata Motors’ Nano car project,  |

Review Petition of Telangana for division of assets rejected by SC 

| Govt willing to remove cap on appointment of lawyers as SC judges | Five-judge bench to examine if Supreme Court comes under RTI | Supreme Court panel requests Australian authority for sale of PACL properties | Unitech tells SC it does'nt have funds to refund home buyers  | Ban on registration of large diesel cars lifted, 1% environment cess imposed | Tengpora killings: Contempt proceedings against top cops stayed by SC  | States to consider life imprisonment for milk adulteration | Defamation cases cannot be filed against political opponents for criticism : SC to Jayalalithaa  | SC issues guidelines for selection of Trial Court Judges  | Tradition cannot justify Jallikattu : SC | SC directs Maharashtra government to set up a medical board to examine an alleged rape victim who wants to abort her 24-weeks-old 'abnormal' fetus.  | Salman Khan acquitted in Chinkara poaching case by Rajasthan HC  | Congress Rule in Arunachal Pradesh restored :SC | SC refers LGBT Celebs Plea against Section 377 to Constitution Bench  | SC says it will examine if Triple Talaq is violative of Fundamental Rights    | Minor in Mercedes hit and run case to be tried as adult | Ordinance signed partially over-turning SC order on NEET | Petitions challenging Constitutional validity of sections 499 and 500 IPC, dismissed by SC | No call drops compensation  | SC : Students who appeared in NEET 1 can sit in NEET 2 | Bombay High orders Adarsh Housing Society building's demolition  | SC clears common medical entrance test NEET | 2013 SC judgement on Common Medical Entrance Test recalled | Vijay Mallya directed to disclose assets by 21st April. | President Rule in Uttarakhand stayed, floor test ordered  | Photos of CM, Ministers and Governor, allowed in Govt. Ads | EPF Tax Proposal rolled back | SC asks BCCI as to why ministers need to be involved in cricket related matters | PIL for making Intelligence Agencies accountable, dismissed as getting into the domain of intellgence a threat to national security | Supreme Court tells AAP to resolve issue instead of approaching Court every time  | Wife's letter threatening divorce held to be an act of cruelty by Delhi High Court  | Army's command and exit policy upheld by Supreme Court  | SCBA president Mr. Dushyant Dave resigns  | Madras High Court Judge stays SC transfer order, plans to file FIR against SC judges | Supreme Court's decision to take up the matter relating to marriage and divorce rights of Muslim women, receives opposition from Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind. | SC refers 377 IPC petitions to 5 judge Bench | Supreme Court recalls notice to AP's Governor, calling it a mistake and conceding that he enjoys immunity for acts done in official capacity | Passive Euthanasia, Supreme Court to hear Petitions | Supreme Court recalls its December 2015 verdict appointing retired Allahabad high court judge as UP Lokayukta, to appoint former HC judge Sanjay Misra in his place |

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  • JT 2016 (10) SC 320 26-10-2016
    Dravya Finance Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. Vs. S.K. Roy & Ors.
    Interest - Omission to specify date from when interest was payable - Two LIC circulars, putting restriction on assignment of insurance policies, were quashed by High Court - Apex Court vide interim order dated 4.4.2008 in favour of LIC, restricted petitioners' right to lodge death claim or maturit..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 295 21-10-2016
    State of Jammu And Kashmir Vs. Vichar Kranti International & Anr.
    SERVICE AND LABOUR LAWS Jammu and Kashmir Government Employees (Conduct) Rules 1971 Rule 10 - Validity of Circular dated 11.8.2005 prohibiting State Employee from Education Department to take private assignments without prior permission of competent authority, challenged - Respondents demanded com..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 243 21-10-2016
    Board of Control for Cricket in India Vs. Cricket Association of Bihar & Ors.
    BCCI – JUSTICE LODHA COMMITTEE REPORT Non-compliance of recommendations of Justice Lodha Committee, which were approved with modification by Apex Court on 18.7.2016 - Status Report dated 26.9.2016 filed by Committee, showing repeated undermining of the Committee and Apex Court by BCCI with several ..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 144 18-10-2016
    Vivek Batra Vs. Union of India and others
    PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 Section 19 - Sanction to prosecute, Appellant, a public servant - Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) recommended grant of sanction - Competent authority, Finance Minister, remitted the matter back - When CVC reiterated its opinion, Financ..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 216 18-10-2016
    Rajender Bansal & Ors. Vs. Bhuru (D) Thr. Lrs. & Ors.
    EVICTION Haryana Rent Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act, 1973 Jurisdiction of civil court to try eviction suit, when premises come within the sweep of Rent Act, during pendency of suit - Eviction suit decreed by civil court on 12.12.2008 - Prior to that, suit premises fell within the munici..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 229 18-10-2016
    Montecarlo Ltd. Vs. NTPC Ltd.
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Judicial review - Clause 7.1.2 of Qualifying Requirements (QR) - Tender floated for development and operation of coal mines - Appellant's bid found to be technically non-responsive as it did not have experience of drilling for blasting purposes - Writ filed by Appellant on the g..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 264 18-10-2016
    Vikas Sankhala & Ors. Etc. Vs. Vikas Kumar Agarwal & Ors. Etc.
    EDUCATION Right of Children To Free And Compulsory Education Act, 2009 Section 23 - Appointment of teachers - Qualification - NCTE Notification dt. 23.8.2010 laid down minimum qualifications and passing of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) as mandate for appointment - NCTE Notification dt. 11.2.2011,..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 48 07-10-2016
    Salam Samarjeet Singh Vs. High Court of Manipur at Imphal & Anr.
    JUDICIAL SERVICES Manipur Judicial Service (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2005 Schedule B, Clause 1(3) - Selection - Post of District Judge - Change in criteria of selection in midst of selection process - Full Court of High Court vide notification prescribed 40% minimum marks for..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 48 07-10-2016
    Salam Samarjeet Singh Vs. High Court of Manipur at Imphal & Anr.
    JUDICIAL SERVICES Manipur Judicial Service (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2005 Schedule B, Clause 1(3) - Selection - Post of District Judge - Change in criteria of selection in midst of selection process - Full Court of High Court vide notification prescribed 40% minimum marks for..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 30 07-10-2016
    The Madurai Corporation Vs. P. Kayalvizhi & Ors.
    CONSTRUCTION Sanction accorded by Local planning authority for construction of building with 11 floors within 2 years - Extension of time requested from appellant (Madurai Corporation), as Respondent no.1 could complete only 6 floors - Appellant pointed out deviations from original plan and rejecte..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 36 07-10-2016
    Anil Hoble Vs. Kashinath Jairam Shetye and Ors.
    PRACTICE & PROCEDURE Re-appreciation of evidence in appeal - Factual finding of Tribunal , challenged. Held, merely because remedy of appeal is provided against Tribunal's decision, does not mean that Apex Court must reappreciate entire evidence on record, specially when same has been analysed by T..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 44 07-10-2016
    Asikali Akbarali Gilani etc. Vs. Nasirhusain Mahebubbhai Chauhan & Ors.
    UNAUTHORIZED OCCUPATION Gujarat Municipality Act, 1963 Sections 65, 258 - Unauthorised occupation of public property - High Court found 869 leases given by Municipality by virtue of resolution passed by its Executive committee to be without authority of law - Direction given to Collector to take ..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 629 06-10-2016
    Hiral P. Harsora and Ors. Vs. Kusum Narottamdas Harsora and Ors.
    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 Section 2(q) - Constitutional Validity of - Whether as per Section 2(q) only an ‘Adult male person’ can be respondent and not females - Complaint filed by mother-in-law and sister-in-law against son/ brother and his wife and h..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 44 06-10-2016
    Narendra Vs. K. Meena
    DIVORCE Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 Section 13(1)(ia) - Mental Cruelty - Threats to commit suicide by wife - Once she locked herself in bathroom and poured kerosene oil, but was rescued with the help of neighbours - Decree of divorce granted by family court reversed by High Court. Held, there was no ..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 51 06-10-2016
    M/s Dugar Tea Industries Pvt. Ltd. Vs. State of Assam & Ors.
    SALES TAX Assam Industries (Sales Tax Concession) Act, 1987 Section 4 - Assam Industries (Sales Tax Concession) Rules, 1986, Rule 2(f) - Estoppel - Appellant-company, involved in blending and packaging tea, claimed concession in sales tax on basis of eligibility certificate under 1982 Incentive ..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 56 06-10-2016
    Kamta Yadav & Ors. Vs. State of Bihar
    Related and injured witness - Testimony of - Murder case. Held once presence of witnesses at place of occurrence is proved and their depositions are worthy of credence, conviction can be based on their testimonies even if they are related witnesses. Fact that out of six eye-witnesses, three were inj..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 149 05-10-2016
    Laljibhai Kadvabhai Savaliya & Ors. Vs. State of Gujarat & Ors.
    LAND LAWS Petroleum and Minerals Pipelines (Acquisition of Right of User In Land) Act, 1962 Section 9 - Acquisition of right of user in land, to lay pipelines - Whether PMP Act deprives owners of their proprietary interest and enjoyment in the land in toto for all times to come and they cannot use..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 18 04-10-2016
    Raja And Others Vs. State of Karnataka
    CRIMINAL LAWS Rape - Contradiction in victim's statement relating to place of occurrence, number of accused, offending act and her marital status - In complaint, place of occurrence mentioned as near a park but in her evidence it was mentioned as a place opposite a market - Inconsistency noticed in..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 594 04-10-2016
    Bhagwan Jagannath Markad & Ors. Vs. State of Maharashtra
    CRIMINAL LAWS Murder case - Reversal of acquittal of Accused nos. 8, 9, 12 to 16, by High Court, whether justified when trial court found contradiction in statements of PWs. Held, contradictions were minor and trial court erred in rejecting credible testimonies of injured eye witnesses on that grou..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 14 03-10-2016
    Syeda Rahimunnisa Vs. Malan Bi (Dead) by L.Rs. & Anr. Etc.
    PRACTICE & PROCEDURE Civil Procedure Code, 1908 Section 100 - Second appeal - Existence of substantial question of law - Concurrent findings of Trial court and first appellate court in favour of appellants, set aside in second appeal by High Court - Matter remanded to trial court - Justification...
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 1 03-10-2016
    Re - Inhuman Conditions In 1382 Prisons (II) Vs. .
    PRISONS Constitution of India, 1950 Article 21 - Over-crowding in prisons - Order dated 5.2.2016 gave directions useful for reducing jail population - On 6.5.2016, court informed that over-crowding in several jails was still upto 150% and no effective steps were taken despite directions given earl..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 61 03-10-2016
    Hubli-dharwad Urban Development Authority Vs. Shekhargowda Chennabasannagowda Phakirgowdar (Since Deceased) By Lr. & Anr.
    LAND ACQUISITION / PRACTICE & PROCEDURE Karnataka Urban Development Authority Act, 1987 Findings contrary to record - Averments in writ petition to the effect that respondent was unaware of preliminary notification under Section 17(2) dated 6.2.2002 and final declaration under Section 19 dated 7..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 588 03-10-2016
    Rajendra Kumar Meshram Vs. Vanshmani Prasad Verma And Anr.
    ELECTION Representation of the People Act, 1951 Section 100(1)(d)(i) – Improper acceptance of nomination form of returned candidate - High Court declaring election as void under Section 100(1)(d)(i) without finding if such improper filing of nomination materially affected election result. Held, ..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 26 03-10-2016
    Jose @ Pappachan Vs. The Sub-inspector of Police, Koyilandy & Another
    CRIMINAL LAWS Murder of wife - Inconsistencies in statements of witnesses - PWs. 1,6 and 7 examined twice by investigating agency in interval of almost 4 years - Prosecution tried to discredit these witnesses, alleging that their earlier statement was made at behest of accused-husband. Held, incons..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 626 03-10-2016
    Workmen Rashtriya Colliery Mazdoor Sangh Vs. Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. & Anr.
    SERVICE AND LABOUR LAW Unequal treatment - In two separate litigations Tribunal passed award for regularization - In both cases, High Court modified the relief by directing that as and when management wishes to appoint regular workmen, it should give preference to workmen in question - Workmen invo..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 1 03-10-2016
    Benson Vs. State of Kerala
    CRIMINAL LAWS Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 Section 427(1) - Concurrent running of subsequent sentences - Criminal offence under Sections 379, 414/34 IPC, committed on different occasions - Appellant, apart from current four matters, was already convicted in 8 other matters - Sentence imposed in f..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 8 03-10-2016
    B.A. Umesh Vs. Registrar General, High Court of Karnataka
    CRIMINAL LAWS Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 Section 235(2) - Death sentence - Plea of review applicant that not giving separate date for hearing on sentence by trial court, amounted to violation of Section 235(2), hence death sentence cannot be confirmed. Held though convict has right to be heard ..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 172 03-10-2016
    Vikas Yadav Vs. State of U.P. and Ors. Etc. Etc.
    CRIMINAL LAWS Penal Code, 1860 Sections 302, 53 - Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, Sections 28, 386, 433A - Constitution of India, 1950, Article 21 - Award of fixed term sentence of 25 years under Section 302 - Validity of - Section 302 provides for only two sentences; minimum being life imprisonme..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 74 03-10-2016
    Saddik @ Lalo Gulam Hussein Shaikh & Ors. Vs. State of Gujarat
    CRIMINAL LAWS Penal Code, 1860 Sections 302/ 149 - Murder case - Common object - Unlawful assembly - Participation of members, whether important - Dispute over number of plates of biryani served - After the altercation accused arrived with 9 men, out of whom three carried knives and rest had stick..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 608 30-09-2016
    State of U.P. and Ors. Vs. Z.U. Ansari
    CONSTITUTION / SERVICE & LABOUR LAWS Constitution of India, 1950 Articles 309, 166 - Civil Services Regulations, 1975, Regulation 351A - U.P. Rules of Business, 1975 - Validity of sanction accorded by Minister in-charge for disciplinary proceeding against retired government servant - High Court's ..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 516 30-09-2016
    Vilas V. Sanghai Vs. Sumermal Mishrimal Bafna & Anr.
    CRIMINAL CONTEMPT Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 Section 15 - Non-compliance of - Breach of an undertaking given in court by appellant, assuring not to arrest respondent no.1 during pendency of application for anticipatory bail, if he co-operates in investigation - Proceedings initiated on an applic..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 417 29-09-2016
    M/s. Madura Coats Limited Vs. M/s. Modi Rubber Ltd. & Anr.
    COMPANY LAW Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Act, 1985 Sections 15, 22 - Companies Act, 1956, Section 481 - Scope of SICA vis-a-vis Companies Act - Whether a reference made by sick company to BIFR could be entertained after it had been ordered to be wound up in a petition which was p..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 436 28-09-2016
    Nitu Vs. Sheela Rani & Ors.
    SUCCESSION / SERVICE & LABOUR LAWS Family Pension Scheme, 1964 Clause 4(ii) - Hindu Succession Act, 1956, section 8 - Succession certificate for family pension of Government employee who died intestate, whether should be granted to his widow or to his mother - High Court held mother and widow bot..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 520A 28-09-2016
    Medical Council of India Vs. Harshitha & Ors.
    Students were informed about their admission to MBBS course being dependent upon outcome of writ - Thus they do not have a right to continue in same or any other college - Many have not cleared mandatory NEET examination - High Court erred in directing to accommodate them in any other college. ..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 439 28-09-2016
    State of H.P. & Ors. Vs. Rajesh Chander Sood etc. etc.
    PENSION Himachal Pradesh Corporate Sector Employees Pension (Family Pension, Commutation of Pension and Gratuity) Scheme, 1999 Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1995 - Vested right to claim pension - Effect of repeal of 1999 Scheme - Those employees who retired during subsistence of 1999 Scheme, ..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 425 28-09-2016
    Nagarpalika Thakurdwara Vs. Khalil Ahmed & Ors.
    PRACTICE & PROCEDURE Civil Procedure Code, 1908 Section 102 - Dismissal of second appeal in view of Section 102, as amount sought to be recovered was less than Rs.25000/-. Held, Section 102 applies where original suit is filed only for recovery of money, not exceeding Rs.25,000/-. In this case, s..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 425 28-09-2016
    Nagarpalika Thakurdwara Vs. Khalil Ahmed & Ors.
    PRACTICE & PROCEDURE Civil Procedure Code, 1908 Section 102 - Dismissal of second appeal in view of Section 102, as amount sought to be recovered was less than Rs.25000/-. Held, Section 102 applies where original suit is filed only for recovery of money, not exceeding Rs.25,000/-. In this case, s..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 428 28-09-2016
    Gujarat Maritime Board Vs. L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Ltd. and Another
    Constitution of India, 1950 Article 226 - Exercise of writ jurisdiction in Contractual matters - LOI issued to first respondent for development of port - On intimation by first respondent of its failure to proceed with the work, appellant cancelled LOI and invoked bank guarantee - Writ filed agains..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 86 28-09-2016
    Somasundaram @ Somu Vs. State Rep. By Dy. Comm. of Police
    CRIMINAL LAWS Evidence Act, 1872 Section 133 - Evidence of accomplice witness - PWs 10, 11 not granted pardon and arrayed as prosecution witnesses - Whether they cease being accomplice, having not been granted pardon. Held (As Per V. Gopala Gowda, J.), no. PWs 10, 11 being accomplice witnesses, th..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 385 27-09-2016
    Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. & Ors. Vs. M/s. Dhansar Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. & Anr.
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Contractual obligations - Non-fulfillment - Government Contract awarded to Respondents - Clause 5 of the contract gave discretion to appellants to extend the original contract period and increase or decrease the tendered quantity of work by 30%, while the contract subsists - At ..
  • JT 2016 (9) SC 405 27-09-2016
    Union of India & Ors. Vs. Devjee Mishraa
    PRACTICE & PROCEDURE / SERVICE & LABOUR LAW Air Force Act 1950 Error apparent on face of record - Confession of respondent in District Court martial proceedings, admitting over staying of leave period and absence without leave, maintained by him even after being given an opportunity to reconsider..
  • JT 2016 (10) SC 5 27-09-2016
    Gulshera Khanam Vs. Aftab Ahmad
    EVICTION Uttar Pradesh Urban Buildings (Regulation of Letting, Rent and Eviction) Act, 1972 Section 3(g) - Eviction - Whether 'married daughter' is included in the definition of 'family' under Section 3(g) and Appellant-landlady can seek eviction for her married daughter's bonafide requirement - P..